Work Hard, Play Hard. 10 awesome things that can happen on a Friday night

Any hard working lady who gives her best for 5 days in a row deserves to let herself roam free on Friday nights. 

Because  ‘anything can happen on a Friday night’.

Here are just a few of the fab things that happened to me

  1. No more slides, meetings, calls, project plans or to do lists.
  2. Heels. Or sneakers. And cropped tops. and leather pants. and smokey eyes.
  3. Cocktails
  4. Bar hopping. No, I don’t go bar hopping on Wednesdays, have you ever experienced workplace hangovers? The worst!!
  5. Tequila shots.
  6. Making my friends drink tequila shots.
  7. Dancing, concerting.
  8. Dating material for the lamer evenings of the week.
  9. Movies in bed. Yes, I do movies in bed any other night of the week but I give myself the liberty of NOT planning my Friday nights sometimes. Because that’s how I roll.
  10. Hope that I will get over my heartbreak (I always did… eventually).
  11. SATC marathons. Don’t know what SATC is? Pfff you’ve got a lot of catching up to do from the late 90’s until today

And the list goes on because I may not have much, but I’ll always have my Friday nights!

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