‘The Alliance’. An empowering read

‘The Alliance’ book is all about the employer-employee relationship, and it is tied around an apparently simple, yet provocative, principle: ‘The company helps the employee transform his career, the employee helps the company transform itself and become more adaptable”.

The book is written mostly for C-suite executives and HR practitioners, who have the power of re-designing this relationship. I started reading it as an HR professional, looking for inspiration, but  found myself mid-read on the other side of the barrier, assessing it as any employee would. And let me tell you: the lecture is incredibly empowering!

I now understand the type of culture I want to be a part of: the employer-employee relationship should be mutually beneficial and should be based on trust. This does not mean that companies that do not showcase this practice 100% are to be left behind, but all employees should contribute to shape it by signaling issues, asking the right questions, pushing in the right direction, lobbying and participating in its design.

Also, I now feel more empowered to own my career: starting from really thinking how I want to to evolve, be more confident to take control and own my development,  being deliberate in choosing my assignments, and making sure they deliver the value that I want.

The principle in the book is that a role (or tour of duty) is successful as long as it helps you develop knowledge & skills, acquire functional, technical or managerial experience, and build a personal brand within AND outside the company. And not necessarily when it concludes with an upgrade in job title.

Also, planning to pursue an opportunity outside the organization is not tabu! We should stay foras long as the role delivers value for us, and we, in turn, for the organization.

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