Lameville, France. Being bored is boring

So… I grew up in a small town. I KNOW boring. Boring does not intimidate me!

When I was a kid, boredom was like a third parent or a playmate for me: it was ALWAYS there. It was the perfect conversation starter with my mom ‘Moooooom I’m bored. Entertain me!!!’ or activity enabler: ‘I’m bored. Hmm what should i do?…’ And that’s how I discovered eternal love between Barbie and Ken after Barbie cheats and Ken takes her back (girl power!!), tree houses in trees with no houses, cake baking from mud and leaves and Chucky dolls roaming free in my house at night when I needed to pee.

I almost perfected the art of being bored!

Then, at some point in my existence, i became a big town girl, or how I like to call myself an <cough cough> Urban Diva.

All of a sudden, I had a lot more to do than I had hours in one day. I started eating on the go, multitasking, talking on my phone while I drove from one place to the next, checking my Facebook notifications while meeting people. Like big town, grownup activities, you know?!

And I started being cocky! I thought that I was the sole creator and master of my interesting life, that I can pick up my oh-so-interesting existence and just take it anywhere and it would remain the same. I could be extra entertained and ultra glam, posh and busy anywhere in the world.

I was wrong!

Lameville, France

I am now in Lameville, France, folks! And let me tell you, the lameness of this place is overwhelming. And the worst thing is that metropolitan adults are as well equipped to cope with boredom as is a featherless chicken to cope with winter cold. They’re like…. not!


Out on the town, praying to find anything open

Lameville is a serene place in the heart of France, surrounded by mountains, national parks and ski resorts. People take it easy here. They take their time to enjoy a meal or a glass of wine and work out. Except my snowboard got stolen on Day1.

<insert broken record sound here>

Shops are closed on Saturdays after 12 pm, all day on Sundays, for some random amount of time during the work days (lunch breaks take as long as they have to, ok?!) and after 7 pm when any normal human being gets off work. Did you want to buy some random items from the local boutiques? Take your money away from here, you…. you…. foreigner!

Restaurants? Same thing! Are you hungry on Sunday at 6 pm after a long walk admiring the empty town? Bad luck, loser, stop getting hungry!



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