Work Space Ideas to Boost Your Productivity

Whether you work remote or from an office, you probably spend most of your time at a desk. And if you are wondering if  an office environment can really affect productivity,  the answer is YES!

Here are a couple of ideas to upgrade your workplace and the facts that will give you a gentle nudge to do so.

1. Multiple monitors


VIBE conducted a study which found that multiple computer screens increase efficiency by 9 to 50 %, especially for copy-pasting tasks, or design. We are using a 24 inch monitor, for maximum productivity!

2. Headphones


Music affects your brain in surprising ways, improving focus, creativity and productivity. Use these beauties from Layla to shut down the outside world.

3. A notebook


Writing down your ideas, goals or daily to-dos brings clarity and focus. We love this hand-crafted wooden notebook from Woodish.

4. A plant


The Exeter University scientists concluded that having a plant in your workplace can contribute to increasing your productivity by 15% . Our new favorites? Terrariums.


5. No clutter


Studies show the average person wastes 4.3 hours per week searching for papers, which reduces concentration and creative thinking. We would opt for the Grovemade simple lines and natural materials.

6. Decorations

2013 Shay Cochrane

Always keep at least one element of design that elevates your mood and sparks your creativity: desk decor, framed photos, posters, a mood board or even a screensaver. Our personal favorites now are floral arrangements from EnRose.

Now, we would like to learn fro you: how do you like to organize and decorate your work space to make sure you make the best out of the time spent there?

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