What change are you seeking to make in 2018?

I am reeeeeaaaaally excited about this question and you should be too! Here’s the deal…

I have recently enrolled in Seth Godin’s 100 day learning program „The Marketing Seminar” that reunites marketers who want to make a difference from around the globe.

To my absolute delight, the first homework was something that I am really passionate about: setting INTENTIONS.

And I wanted to share it here with you.

Why? Because it will help you win in life and business.

I know for a fact that if I, or YOU, or WE don’t set goals for ourselves, we are just going to aimlessly wander around our life.

Goals are not just corporate bullocks. Goals that we set for ourselves are actually the best if not single most important thoughts that will guide us to greatness.

No matter if you took the time around the New Year to think this through or not, I urge you to give some thought and answer this: What change are you seeking to make? And provide some thoughts on the comments bellow.

I will go first:


As a marketer/project manager/side hustler / Instagrammer, I want to use my leverage, exposure and brain power to make a difference in not only changing the way marketing is done and also regarded:

  1. I want to gather communities  around ideas that positively impact lives.
  2. I want to empower dreamers to finally GO FOR IT and start that idea they’ve always been dreaming about.
  3. I want to provide entrepreneurs that do not have the $$ to bring a marketer in, with actionable advice and tools to self-run their own successful marketing plan.
  4. I want to partner with brands to help drive profitable social media communication, to gather communities that are genuinely interested and make a positive impact in the world.

Now you!



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