The reason I am losing followers right now. And you might too

“You just stopped and that’s not organic” he slipped into my Instagram DM’s.

But let me back up….

Before I tell you the story here, I want to ask you this:

Did you feel any change in my Instagram game in 2018?

No no no…. don’t keep reading!

I really want to know: Did you feel any change in the way I interact on Instagram? Give it a thought, hold on to that thought and leave it as a comment when you finish reading this. I mean it!


OK, so…… here’s what happened.

An Instagram friend sent me a DM to let me know that I haven’t liked any of his pictures lately.

(btw, I haven’t been keeping an eye out for who hasn’t liked my latest Instagram posts, but if you haven’t liked my recent posts now’s your chance. OK, mom?!?)

But getting back to the story: an Instagram friend was really invested in the digital relationship we fostered and something went missing when I stopped double tapping the screen over his posts.

(Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t judge. If I begin telling you the things I’m actually keeping track of…. we’d need a full bottle of wine for me just to get started. )

OK, back to the story, for real this time: He said that I was so serious about the liking business and then I stopped and it just seemed…. non-organic.

Which is a valid point of view!

Here’s why: the relationships that we foster in the digital space do weight a lot in our world. We get high on those likes and actually enjoy seeing familiar faces every time to cheer on us.

Moreover, he’s right, and I was quite open about it: I invested a lot of time in engaging over Instagram and that’s why my account grew.


However, with my community reaching 20k followers and 3k following, It became physically impossible for me to continue fostering one-on-one relationships with everybody.

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That’s why in 2018 I pivoted and changed my approach on social media. I started investing much more time in one-to-many interactions.

Every week, I do an Instagram live and respond to questions about social media. PLUS I write on my blog and augment that for those who didn’t have the chance to participate. PLUS, I make it a priority to respond to comments and DMs + give very visible shout outs to my entire list by posting stories of the people that took some time to send me a personal appreciative message. THANK YOU again!

And I already got feedback from people congratulating me on the obvious effort I put into preparing all this content. And trust me, I do!

Just when I go live, I schedule the time, I ask for questions, do research around some of them, write those questions down, write my answers also, all so my sessions are as to the point as possible. Then go live. Then translate everything into a blog post.

And don’t get me wrong! I love it! It fuels me in a way that few other experiences do. I am nervous each time before going in and many times people can tell, but afterwards, I am pumped and at night go to sleep visualizing there’s somebody out there with a dream to build something for themselves, who joined my live, and who felt empowered by listening.

Those types of thought fuel me to create this space for people who are building something for themselves: to let hem know they are not alone, to show stories of success, or maybe lessons from failure, and also to give out the tactics to help them along the way.


Yes, it’s a change from what I was doing in 2017. I have pivoted. I went all in – and am now talking to this particular niche.

What this means is that there are others who feel left out and who expected something else from our digital relationship. And because they are no longer getting what they signed up for, choose to leave.

What does it mean for me in numbers, this particular moment in time when I am pivoting? It means I am losing a lot of followers. It means that my account hit a plateau and hasn’t grown over the last month. It actually went down.

Maybe it will jump up after that plateau more than ever before, or maybe it won’t and I will only foster this big or small community that I have already gathered: the people building something for themselves.

What I hope is that those people who stick around bring their friends along, by telling them about what I share and how it helps them.

Time will tell (And I will tell also, I can’t keep a secret).


Now, here’s what you need to know:

  • Whenever you will change, part of your audience will evolve with you and another part will unfollow you. And that’s OK!
  • You should never ever aim to please everybody. Not because you can’t (and you really can’t). But because you will sacrifice all of your vision.
  • To the best extent possible, try to strategize and be as targeted as possible from the start. Define your brand and align your communication with it, to attract the right people from the start
  • And if you will change, GOOD FOR YOU! Evolution is great and you should embrace it and do whatever feels natural RIGHT NOW.

Just think of Madonna and all of the ways she reinvented herself! Do you think there were people bummed that she evolved past the Kaballah phase to the cowboy phase? Doooh, of course, there were! Did Madonna give a shit? N, she didn’t and actually moved to her disco phase afterward. So you be your own Madonna!

Be your own Madonna!

Now, Before you close, please leave me a comment: did you feel any change in my Instagram game lately?

Thank you! I mean it when I say: your attention is not something I am taking for granted.

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