The perfect Instagram feed: apps to use and the mindset that will trully set you apart on social media. #SocialMediaTalks Session 4

What will trully make a difference for you? My thoughts on the Instagram feed…..

As you may know, I go LIVE on Instagram once a week for #SocialMediaTalks to offer live coaching and scratch the surface on how to use social media to build Brands.


Instagram Live Question: How can I nail down my Instagram feed aesthetic? I have many interests and would like to experiment but I don’t want it to look messy. 

My answer: Listen, this is bullshit! No, really, this problem related to the Instagram feed aesthetic is bullshit.

Sorry for the language (no, actually I’m not sorry) and please understand this is tough love coming from a place of caring.

Here’s the truth: We pay far too much importance on these issues and spend too much time trying to design the perfect feed. And trust me, there’s no thing as perfect.

I do agree a general aesthetically pleasing perspective is somewhat relevant for the split second when someone lands on your feed for the first time and gives everything a long look. For that, feel free to use the same VSCO filter on all photos and then an app that helps you plan your future Instagram posts. My favorite is Preview. Feel free to refer back to my Instagram guide for more details.

However, here is what will truly set you apart:

Instead of wasting precious time and energy trying to nail down the perfect aesthetic, I urge you to spend more and more and more time creating awesome content that makes people come back. That makes you memorable. That makes you relevant in your niche!

Focus more on delivering value and less on the „perfect feed” (unless you’re a photographer or visual designer. In that case, people expect to be impressed in order to commission your work, so put 100% of your energy in that).

And ask yourself:

  • Why should people look forward to my posts?
  • Why should people come back to my account to binge-read 40 of my captions at a time and scroll endlessly?
  • What do I know, what am I passionate about and how can I be generous with my expertise to help other people also?

Of course, you don’t have to find the perfect reason right NOW. But as long as you are focusing more on delivering value and continuously improving and less on false issues that get you paralyzed with self-doubt, you are on the right path!


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