I am an adventure seeker, living-on-your-own-terms advocate dedicated to helping you tell your story.

And I’m here to help you build a digital brand that stands out and positively change lives in the process!

I partner with digital Influencers, entrepreneurs and executives to develop a profitable online marketing strategy tailored to engage your target audience.


My corporate journey has been a hands-on MBA

I’ve been working in the corporate world for 10 years (!!!) and had the immense privilege to lead global programs spanning across 3 continents targeted towards organizational transformation, management of change, employee engagement, corporate communication and more.


“Leaning In”. Having a seat at the table, in the Google Silicon Valley Headquarters

While my rewarding corporate job saw from leading major internal initiatives for 35.000 people organizations to partnering with Google seniors…..

I always knew I had more to say and offer

In 2016 I decided to “be my own boss” and dove head first into entrepreneurship. I started my first business: an online concept store and consignment: NAIADA.RO


My e-Commerce entrepreneurial days

For one year I was a one-woman show, from designing the website, shooting products, doing social media + Facebook Ads  + newsletter + Google AdWords marketing, to managing stock, shipping, tracking returns and handling customer service.

The business became profitable, with industry recognition (from the Webstock awards) and profit margins that made me seriously consider dedicating my time 100% to the business.

And as I started getting traction, I realized:

“I’m building the wrong business”

In reality, It was crystal clear that the administrative part of running a location-based, high maintenance business was eating away my internal resources.

However, the one-year activity of successfully running an e-commerce business and nurturing it from 0 to profitability only through the power of social media was the best hands-on practice and validation I could have to realize…..

I am a great digital marketer

So I took a final stand. I wasn’t afraid to pull the emergency brake and stop the business, although I had dedicated one year of my life to building it.

And next…

I discovered how to leverage my gifts to become a trusted advisor and help others build amazing business and brands.


Now, my goal is to consult self-starters, successful business owners and executives grow their personal and business brand through the power of social media.

On top, I made it my mission to connect with and inspire a new generation of leaders to experience life and success on their own terms through my ongoing Instagram Blogging.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship:

Let’s get started

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  2. Get tricks of the trade through the free marketing resources I will be posting
  3. Stay inspired to take the lead in your own life and go after what you want by following my journey on Instagram.

Until then, know I am beyond thrilled that you are with me today! Can’t wait to experience our journey ahead.

With love,