Customer success stories: Ioana Enache, personal brand


Oana Enache, a high profile leader wanted to strategically use social media to reach more people, knowing she has a mission as an ambassador for leadership with grace, and to create a strong foundation for expanding her business. Together, we turned Instagram into a highly effective tool for her Personal Brand.

Leadership with grace | Cluster GM Amway 🇷🇴 🇧🇬 🇬🇷 Beautiful living curator, design passionate, co-founder @PoemBoem

Solution: Social Media Communication Kit

ensuring that her online presence markets you in the most professional way

enhance your executive presence with tenacity and sophistication


  • Instagram followers increase by 300% in 3 months
  • Instagram engagement increase by 300% in 3 months
  • Facebook following increase by 35% in 3 months
  • Increase in occupancy rate by 40%


“You are an amazing consultant on this field, I feel so lucky to work with you. You bring great energy, know how, ideas and results driven solutions! Well done & chapeau bas.”

Ioana Enache@_ioana_enache_ , Beautiful living curator & Co-founder @PoemBoem