Customer Success Stories: PoemBoem premium holiday vila


PoemBoem is a family-owned hospitality business, with several historical villas and apartment with great design, open for long-term stay or holiday rental. The owners wanted to increase the brand awareness in the digital world and attract new customers. But by outsourcing the entire digital marketing effort, so that they could remain focused on what they do best: creating delightful experiences that keep people coming back.


# 1 Social Media audit

# 2 Facebook & Instagram Account management

# 3 Facebook Advertising management

# 4 Newsletter marketing


  • Instagram followers increase by 300% in 3 months
  • Instagram engagement increase by 300% in 3 months
  • Facebook following increase by 35% in 3 months
  • Increase in occupancy rate by 40%


„You brought new energy into my business! You are an amazing consultant on this field, I feel so lucky to work with you. You bring great energy, know how, ideas and results driven solutions! Well done & chapeau bas.”

Ioana Enache, @_ioana_enache_ , Beautiful living curator & Co-founder @PoemBoem