Instagram Photo Filters: 3 Lightroom Presets for the Perfect Grid

29 lei

3 custom made, vibrant presets for you to achieve a cohesive and branded social media feed.

These filters create a strong, unique look that puts YOU the center of the story, regardless of where your story takes place. Great for lifestyle bloggers and explorers, who want to create a perfectly consistent Instagram feed!

Why you should purchase:

-You receive 3 custom presets / filters to be used for indoor & outdoor photos, along with instructions on how to use in English and Romanian

-The preset / filters are great to use for photos created using your iPhone, Android mobile photos, DSLR or mirrorless camera.

-Presets are compatible with the free mobile Lightroom App you can download from the App store. No other subscription or fee required

-The presets are instantly ready for download and use, directly after your purchase.

-A one time only purchase, for you to use for life.


Note: presets will look different on every photo and you might need to do some simple adjustments.

*All sales are final, no refunds.