1:1 Consulting Session

300 lei

Digital marketing and branding consulting for Visionaries

This tailored consulting for business founders, freelancers and executives is a personal and intensive process.

We examine your everyday digital presence, tactical roadblocks or internal processes and then

  • dismantle your limiting beliefs
  • build a marketing differentiation strategy
  • deliver it through social media and storytelling tactics
  • bring you closer to your business goals or leadership development.

Together we create new dynamics that develop you as your own source of empowerment, every single day.

Consulting is a private session conducted One-To-One over 90 minutes usually over Skype or Google Hangouts.


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Read on bellow for details about the session and a few success stories….



Here’s how the consulting process works:

  • Prior to our first call, I will ask you to do a marketing audit or a free writing exercise about your future life and work.
  • On our first call, we’ll review the answers from that exercise, tackle urgent issues and begin to build a plan for you.
  • We should meet ongoing to work on your plan and address difficulties along the way. Most clients see measurable results by the 4th sessions.
  • We focus on real-time results and also keep you on track to get closer to your ideal success.
  • Each session is followed by a tailored exercise you should do as “homework” to deliver on your goal.


Specifically, we will focus and construct on:

  • Branding efforts and positioning.
  • Customer avatar.
  • Communication strategy, messaging, tone of voice.
  • Website content and copywriting.
  • Social media communications.
  • Facebook or Instagram Ads.
  • Google Advertising.


Digital Marketing 1:1 Consulting is perfect for you if you are a:

  • Busy entrepreneur personally delivering all aspects of the business operation, including marketing and communication.
  • Freelancer or content creators looking at building a profitable online presence that attracts the right customers.
  • Executive or senior professional looking to expand your personal brand and showcase your expertise to move up the ranks.


A few testimonials from people just like you:

”She was in my contacts as Ruxi InstagramGirl. She was the single one person I spoke with the most about Instagram and social media without having met her. She coached me on growing a brand and about being true to it the whole way. Now, she is in my contacts as Ruxi Dearest.” Laura Olaru, founder, owner and designer lauraolaru.ro

”Until now, I have felt that in social media things can be learned on the go or anywhere. I was wrong! After the 1: 1 audit session with you, Ruxandra, I really understand how important it is to do things right. I understand the importance of a strategy in the online environment, how I can grow my community, how I can add value to my community, how I can shape and grow my brand. In fact, only during the discussions with you did I really understand what a brand means and how I can give it power. During this session, I had tens of AHA moments. It’s like I was walking in the dark for the last two years, and you came and switched on the light. Now I am very clear about the direction I will take my brand towards and what my social media messaging should be. Things seem so easy, after all the explanations you have given me. I am very glad that I made the decision to audit my presence in social media. It was the wisest investment I made so far, you are a real professional, thank you very much.” Nicoleta Ababei, micro influencer, event host, blogger at mamapetoc.ro

”I met Ruxi in a yoga retreat and nothing is accidental. Back then, I did not know anything about her, but I told myself: this is a cool chick, I want to be like her. She had an angelic attitude, self secure and detached. I decided to work with me to develop my business and my personal brand. From that moment on, we talked so many times. She is one of the few people whom I partner with for my personal development. I love her and I recommend her wholeheartedly.” Danielle Cameli, beauty salon owner, hairstylist, makeup artist, e-shop cofounder

”I believe in people and their immense potential inside, but it is a titanic work to translate the authenticity outward and especially to promote it. I am happy and honored because I have been joining Ruxandra as a mentor and digital specialist. Together, I put my personal story to light. Thank you” Ana Maria Mircea, Entrepreneur & Life Coach, anamariamircea.ro


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