Strategic consulting

700 lei

1:1 Session, 50 minutes

This tailored consulting for business founders, freelancers and executives is a personal and intensive process.

We examine your everyday digital presence, marketing efforts, and then identify the strategy and tactics to:

  • dismantle limiting beliefs and roadblocks in your marketing tactics
  • build your reputation and promote your business so you can step out of invisibility
  • set yourself aside from your competition and broaden your influence
  • find more clients and increase demand for your products or services
  • sell more, while remaining true to who you are.


Consulting is a private, intensive session conducted One-To-One over 90 minutes usually over Skype or Google Hangouts.


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Read on bellow for details about the session and a few success stories….


Here’s how the consulting process works:

  • Prior to our first call, I will ask you to do a marketing audit or a free writing exercise about your future life and work.
  • On our first call, we’ll review the answers from that exercise, tackle urgent issues and begin to build a plan for you.
  • We should meet ongoing to work on your plan and address difficulties along the way. Most clients see measurable results by the 4th sessions.
  • We focus on real-time results and also keep you on track to get closer to your ideal success.
  • Each session is followed by a tailored exercise you should do as “homework” to deliver on your goal.


Specifically, we will focus and construct on:

  • Branding efforts and positioning.
  • Customer avatar.
  • Communication strategy, messaging, tone of voice.
  • Website content and copywriting.
  • Social media communications.
  • Facebook or Instagram Ads.
  • Google Advertising.


Digital Marketing 1:1 Consulting is perfect for you if you are a:

  • Busy entrepreneur personally delivering all aspects of the business operation, including marketing and communication.
  • Freelancer or content creators looking at building a profitable online presence that attracts the right customers.
  • Executive or senior professional looking to expand your personal brand and showcase your expertise to move up the ranks.


A few testimonials from people just like you:

Together we create new dynamics that develop you as your own source of empowerment, every single day.

”She was in my contacts as Ruxi InstagramGirl. She was the single one person I spoke with the most about Instagram and social media without having met her. She coached me on growing a brand and about being true to it the whole way. Now, she is in my contacts as Ruxi Dearest.” Laura Olaru, founder, owner and designer

”Until now, I have felt that in social media things can be learned on the go or anywhere. I was wrong! After the 1: 1 audit session with you, Ruxandra, I really understand how important it is to do things right. I understand the importance of a strategy in the online environment, how I can grow my community, how I can add value to my community, how I can shape and grow my brand. In fact, only during the discussions with you did I really understand what a brand means and how I can give it power. During this session, I had tens of AHA moments. It’s like I was walking in the dark for the last two years, and you came and switched on the light. Now I am very clear about the direction I will take my brand towards and what my social media messaging should be. Things seem so easy, after all the explanations you have given me. I am very glad that I made the decision to audit my presence in social media. It was the wisest investment I made so far, you are a real professional, thank you very much.” Nicoleta Ababei, micro influencer, event host, blogger at

”I met Ruxi in a yoga retreat and nothing is accidental. Back then, I did not know anything about her, but I told myself: this is a cool chick, I want to be like her. She had an angelic attitude, self secure and detached. I decided to work with me to develop my business and my personal brand. From that moment on, we talked so many times. She is one of the few people whom I partner with for my personal development. I love her and I recommend her wholeheartedly.” Danielle Cameli, beauty salon owner, hairstylist, makeup artist, e-shop cofounder

”I believe in people and their immense potential inside, but it is a titanic work to translate the authenticity outward and especially to promote it. I am happy and honored because I have been joining Ruxandra as a mentor and digital specialist. Together, I put my personal story to light. Thank you” Ana Maria Mircea, Entrepreneur & Life Coach,


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