Social Media Account Audit and Strategy Plan

1.800 lei

Happy to manage your own social media accounts but need some coaching and guidance? Do you feel overwhelmed and tired of chasing followers? Let me step in: it’s time attract the right community and grow your business.

The Social Media Account Audit and Strategy Plan will help you build your tribe through social media, give you the tools to stay ahead of the algorithm and reach business goals, while empowering you to continue telling your story in an authentic way.

This Plan is custom-made for your unique business, is a one-time investment. and includes

  • Full audit on your social media presence.
  • A bespoke blueprint detailing the audit findings.
  • A strategy aligned perfectly for your business, target customer and voice.
  • BONUS: 2 conulting sessions to identify your brand vision and help you implement the strategy.


Investment varies based on needs and starts with 400 EUR

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Here’s how the Social Media Account Audit and Strategy Plan is constructed:

  • First, we will conduct a 60-minute strategic discussion about your unique story, brand identity, and your objectives.
  • Then, by analyzing who you are and what you want to achieve, using audience demographics, insights, analytics and best practices I will build a tailor-made 20-page Social Media success guide for YOU, to use from day 1 and elevate your presence in the digital space.
  • The Bluepprint will cover your communication strategy for Facebook, Instagram (optional: Linkedin).
  • The delivery of the Blueprint is followed by a 40-minute coaching discussion to cover tactical details for executing your strategy.

What the Social Media Account Audit and Strategy Plan covers:

  • An-depth analysis of current social media accounts
  • Adjustments in your Brand stoyy, elevator pitch, bio, social media About page
  • Target audience analysis, including topics of interest
  • Current social media following analysis, opportunities and risks
  • A clear, strategic plan on which platforms to focus on, how to grow your audience, how often to post, and how to maintain an engaging content strategy
  • Content lessons learned, what works, what doesn’t what can be improved.
  • Advice on branding and consistency
  • Hashtags to use.
  • Campaign consulting
  • Community growth tactics that are on brand for YOU.
  • Conversion methods
  • Apps to use.

The Social Media Account Audit and Strategy Plan is perfect if you if:

  • Are a business owner, content creator or senior leader.
  • Are interested in using social media in the long run, do thing the right way, even if sometimes it’s not the easy way.
  • Prioritize conversion rather than the number of followers.
  • Want to maintain control over your account, your communication efforts, your voice, your authenticity.
  • Feel you’re not doing something right and need a done-for-you plan.

A few testimonials from visionaries just like you:

“Ruxandra is a true professional. I am so happy when I now get phone calls from new clients who want to book their seat for our upcoming floral design workshops and say they just discovered us through our Instagram. Many people use Instagram as leisure time but the platform has huge brand potential. With Ruxandra’s audit and strategy, then consistency and patience, Instagram can generate leads and sales, not only followers and likes. “ Adina Filculescu, Owner of floral and event design

“You are an amazing consultant on this field, I feel so lucky to work with you. You bring great energy, know how, ideas and results driven solutions! Well done & chapeau bas.” Ioana Enache, cluster General Manager Amway, beautiful living curator, design passionate, co-founder @PoemBoem

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