Tailored communication strategy


DIGITAL STRATEGY PLAN. It’s time to start attracting the right community.

The Instagram Communication Blueprint will help you tell your story, in an authentic, professional yet vulnerable way and will equip you with all the tools to stay ahead of the algorithm and reach goals.

It covers specific solutions just for YOU on:

  • Branding. Mission, Vision, or Bio review
  • Account analysis
  • Content calendar and post planning
  • Audience analysis
  • Data Deep Dive. Never looked at your numbers? That is going to change

BONUS: comes with two 40-minute coaching discussions.


The Communication Blueprint is custom-tailored for your unique business and is a one-time investment.

Investment varies based on needs but starts with 400 EUR

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Here’s how the Instagram Communication Blueprint is constructed:

  • First, we will conduct a 40-minute strategic discussion about your unique story, brand identity, and your objectives.
  • Then, by analyzing who you are and what you want to achieve, using audience demographics, insights, analytics and best practices I will build a tailor-made 20-page Social Media success guide for YOU, to use from day 1 and elevate your presence in the digital space.
  • The Blueprint may be delivered in English or Romanian.
  • The delivery of the Blueprint is followed by a 40-minute coaching discussion to cover tactical details for executing your strategy.

What the Instagram Communication Blueprint covers:

  • Personalized bio.
  • Instagram stories highlights icons.
  • Captions recommendation.
  • Content calendar, when to post, best time.
  • Hashtags to use.
  • Current audience demographic analysis, competitor analysis.
  • Following growth tactics that are on brand for YOU and conversion methods.
  • Content lessons learned, what works, what doesn’t what can be improved.
  • Apps to use.

The Communication Blueprint is perfect if you:

  • Are a small or medium business, a micro-influencer or professional.
  • Are interested in using social media in the long run, do thing the right way, even if sometimes it’s not the easy way.
  • Prioritize conversion rather than the number of followers.
  • Want to maintain control over your account, your communication efforts, your voice, your authenticity.
  • Feel you’re not doing something right and need an account audit and and a done-for-you plan.