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A Strategy, Branding and Social Media Communication class that helps you unlock your creative voice, translate your entrepreneurial vision in narrative form, carve your niche and communicate to convert in the 3.0 era. 

A class with direct applicability, structured on the principles of artistic rehabilitation, that combines narrative journalism, journaling, script writing and copywriting and enhances creative writing as a means of cultivating success.

An innovative experience, a creative marketing course with direct applicability, constructed at the intersection of 4 pillars that support your business: Creative rehabilitation, Personal development, Project Management, Brand communication.

This class is for you

This workshop is dedicated to you, the new age professional, dreamer, and doer. 

You are in the right place if you are an entrepreneur, freelancer or creative. If you are hands deep in managing your business independently. If you bring heart in your business and want to make a positive difference with your customers and build success for yourself. If you still sometimes struggle with personal doubt, creative block and overwhelm.

You are in the right place if you want to cut through the noise and spend your time where it truly matters to reach the success you deserve, instead of testing the waters. If you know the power of the digital world can amplify your success when used right.

This is your space to create a strong, authentic story around yourself and your work.

We created this experience especially for you and intertwined methods from transactional analysis, marketing, journalism, brand strategy, phychology and digital communication.

You will learn:

  • To regain your inner voice and share your ideas with the world
  • To translate your business vision into powerful, persuasive and emotionally cohesive stories
  • To carve your space into the marketplace and identify your niche and ideal customer avatar
  • To communicate with your customer through the written word using emotion and empathy
  • To connect with your audience authentically and keep that connection strong. 
  • To convert followers into paying customers without the help of a copywriter. 

And apply what you’ve learned directly in:

  • Your brand story 
  • Your website copy
  • Your blog content
  • Your editorial strategy
  • Your social media content across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn
  • Webinars
  • Sales pitches, proposals
  • Or even the book you dream about writing

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What our students say about the workshop

”Thank you, Ruxandra and Ioana for making this change happen”

„Starting today, I have promised to stop identifying myself with my business, I am @irinaditu, interior designer, traveler, art lover, sometimes bossy and I am delivering #happiness through little things that make our life extraordinary. My page is about that special moment of the day or night, when the light it just right, when you feel cozy, surrounded by friends, #togetherness, and by good design… even if it’s a book, a dress that makes you feel shining, a flower, a cup of tea or you are just sitting for a few moments at the sun, be aware of that present moment & enjoy your life. Beautiful living is a choice. Thank you, Ruxandra and Ioana for making this change happen.” Irina Ditu, founder of

”It fundamentally changed my thinking paradigm”

„I wanted to thank you for the storytelling workshop. It fundamentally changed my thinking paradigm. It made me much more aware of who I am and though I still do not know what a way to go to build my future, it made me ask myself questions about who I am. I also wanted to tell you that I started the series of morning and evening pages that gave me a new meaning, helping me to give a good and positive sense to every day of my life. So I just wanted to thank you!”  Livia Sputnik, writer, collaborator

Your investment


Guided session for you to create a storyline that converts

  • Prep questions designed to guide your thinking.
  • 4 hours of live workshop experience with your teachers
  • Bonus project guide to keep you on track

300 RON


Guided session and personalized feedback to create a digital presence that converts

  • Prep questions designed to guide your thinking. 
  • 4 hours of live workshop experience with your teachers 
  • Social media audit of your favorite social channel performed by your teachers with highlight of your top opportunities to accelerate your growth
  • Bonus project guide to keep you on track

480 RON

Enroll in the Stories That Sell workshop

Your teachers and cheerleaders

Ruxandra Babiciis a marketing consultant, entrepreneur, and corporate HR expert with a 10-year experience in engaging macro audiences. She is currently partnering with brands to help them develop and execute their profitable communication strategies, is an editorial collaborator for BIZ Magazine on business strategy topics and a frequent speaker in large-scale social media conferences. In 2016, Ruxandra founded her first business in e-commerce, lead it to profitability through the power of digital marketing, to then close it to travel alone to Asia.  She is followed herself by 30.000 people across social platforms.

Ioana Cristina Casapu

is is a Berlin-based writer and editor who has over a decade of experience in editorial lifestyle publications and brands. She has an educational background in Business Management and Communication, and a humanitarian approach to technology. Originally from Romania, Ioana moved to Germany in 2015. Her writing has been featured in over 30 journals and publications. She has a blend of creative talent and analytical skills which has helped her cater unique and trusted solutions for over 50 companies and brands in New York, Germany, Spain, UK, Czech Republic, Turkey and Romania. In 2015 she published a study about the psychology of modern dating, after spending five months on Tinder and meeting over 160 people in 5 countries. Her first book is an X-ray of the Millenial generation. 

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