Be the person who decided to Go for It! Branding and digital marketing consulting for Visionaries

I consult self-starters to grow their digital brands.

I am a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and executives, to help build amazing online presences. An outsourced Chief Digital Marketing Officer.

The most important thing I do is to eliminate overwhelm. Together, we strategize around the end goal, and then, apply tactics that generate profitable results.

I work closely with a very small group of clients, to dedicate my full attention and care.

Areas of expertise

Customer avatar

Defining the demographics and psychographics of your ideal customer. Because the more clearly we characterize the desires, frustrations, and personalities of the people you seek to change, the more effective your marketing will be.

Social media management

Your brand’s communication will be consistent and meaningful across all social platforms. Whether we are looking at growing following and communities, driving engagement or converting followers into customers.

Website content strategy + Copywriting

Your website will be your round-the-clock PR agency and Shop. Through content strategy and copywriting, we’ll create a digital home that connects, captures and converts.

Facebook & Instagram advertising

Your brand needs to be found. I set up complex Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns that drive traffic for you at scale and continuously attract customers so you can focus your time on other areas of your business.

List building and Email marketing

Yes, email marketing 10x more effective than posting on your social accounts. That’s why we’ll put in place strategies to rapidly grow your email list and then maintain ongoing communications with those who care about your brand most: your subscribers.

Communication strategies

Analyse online presence across platforms, look into competitors and aspiring brand, to analyze what’s working well and what needs to be fine-tuned. All delivered along with tactical recommendations.

Marketing audit and strategy

“Marketing makes change happen. If there is no change, the marketing didn’t work.” Together, we’ll assess the impact of your marketing efforts, analyze conversion rates and strategize around improvement areas to drive more business.

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List of services

Consulting sessions

No more testing to see what works. Do you need specialized support? Through 1:1 consulting we examine your marketing efforts, remove roadblocks and keep you focused on what drives results.

Tailored digital strategy plan

Are you overwhelmed by everything you „have to do” and just need to be shown what to do? Communicate effectively, attract the RIGHT people, and grow your influence without sacrificing your authenticity.

End-to-end account management

The whole package. Perfect for: When you’re ready to outsource the digital marketing efforts for your business, so you can remain focused on what you do best and innovate.

Need a trusted partner to bring your big idea to life?


You want a partner that will be there for the long haul.

Account management starts at 800 € per month.

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