I’m Ruxi

Digital Marketer, Branding geek
and Your Biggest Cheerleader

I’m an online marketer, corporate gal, and entrepreneur, empowerment advocate, and a pursuer of life under our own terms.

Most of the time you’ll find me on a trip, or planning my next one. Because I loooove talking with people from all corners of the world, writing behind my laptop from all time zones and understanding human nature.

I deliver digital marketing for Visionaries. Meaning I help entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses online.

And trust me, I only teach what I’ve personally applied successfully for myself first.


Bucket list: run a marathon in my 60s

Also on my bucket list: writing a book

People characterize me as skillful, to-the-point and ridiculously good at problem-solving. For realz!

I am a cat lady. And a dog lady. A dog-cat lady to be exact. Or cat-dog. I don't discriminate.

The one thing I could eat all day, every day is sushi

I have a bachelors + a masters in Business Administration.

I'm an introvert and am actually very private. Shocking, huh?

Fashionably speaking, I am a minimalist. And a bargain hunter!

I wanted to be a marketer since 4th grade.

I was called "the queen of restaurants", because I have a 6th sense of finding the best ones. And they also include street food. Hey, don't judge until you haven't tried deep fried chicken in an open market in Thailand.

My idea of romance is to grow... fabulous with the same person.

If I wouldn't be a marketer and corporate gal, I would be a yoga teacher and massage therapist.

The one thing I recommend to all humans is to travel solo.

I'm a lover of everything old, especially my family antiques.

I am lactose intolerant and suspect gluten intolerant. Yes, that is a real thing, not a diet fad.

I was lucky enough to find my happy place on Earth. It's Bali.


Allow me to shock you: I LOVE the corporate world.

Yes, consulting and marketing are my callings but guess what: the 2 go hand in hand perfectly. What I bring to freelancing is the procedural, streamlined view that’s reserved for large organizations. And what I bring to the corporate world is the „run to the fire” attitude that’s usually only found in startups.

So yes, I’ve been working in the corporate world for 10 years and had immense privileges. I led global programs spanning across 3 continents, in organizational transformation, internal branding, management of change, employee engagement, and more.

While my rewarding corporate job saw from leading major internal initiatives for 35.000 people organizations to partnering with Google seniors…..

I always knew I had more to say and offer.

So one day I decided to Go for It!

I pushed past my self-doubts, need to get other people’s approval, and my general fears and insecurities (you’ve been there too?).  And decided to simply act.


In 2016 I started my first business: NAIADA.RO, an online concept store.

For one year I was an e-commerce powerhouse, from designing the website, shooting products, running social media comms + Facebook Ads  + newsletter + Google AdWords, to managing stock and customer service.

The business became profitable, with industry recognition from the Webstock awards and valid profit margins. But as I started getting traction, something felt off: I was building the wrong business.

However, successfully running my own e-commerce and nurturing it from 0 to profitability only through digital marketing was the best proof to know

I am a great Digital Marketer

Of course, the validation did not come easy. There have been multiple mistakes, money thrown out the window and tears.

But this is what allows me now to guide others through the shortest way possible to get results. And save time and money.


Be the person who Goes For It!
Digital marketing consulting for Visionaries

I now leverage my gifts to be a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and executives, and help build amazing online brands.

I consult self-starters to grow their brands.

How do I do it? Glad you asked!

Through digital marketing that’s delivered in a simple and straightforward way. That gets results. And that benefits the brand on the long run. 

The solutions I deliver are typically reserved for large organizations. But what I do differently is to create tailored strategies that can be scaled to small or medium businesses. I help eliminate overwhelm and then help apply tactics that generate profitable results. 


I know a little thing about you: you want to build something for yourself.

Something profitable, long lasting, that makes a positive impact in the world too.

And you have every chance to succeed.

If I could tell you something with all my core, it would be: START NOW.

Because I also know this about you: You’re ready to commit for the long run.  You are action-oriented, ambitious, innovative. Visionary!

You’re the type of person that Goes For It instead of day-dreaming about it endlessly.  And you’re ready to work smarter, not harder.

I hope this is just the beginning of our journey together, so let’s stay in touch. Register here for me to send you regular notes. I have a 0 spam policy and will share mini-marketing trainings, resources, and inspiration for building success.

When you register, you’ll also get my free introductory guide to Instagram, with the simple tactics I use.


And until we talk again, know I am beyond thrilled that you are with me today! You’re awesome.

With love,