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Be the person who decided to Go for it!

Hi, I’m Ruxi!

I’m an online marketer, corporate gal, and entrepreneur, and I help visionaries build their legacy through the power of social media.


I take action, make dreams reality and share my experiences to inspire others. An aspiring lifestyle guru😜 and empowerment advocate, I travel the world to discover stories.

To: The person who decided to Go For It


I’m so happy you are here!

I will be your biggest cheerleader, partner in the trenches and guide.

Step 1. Get started right now

Get your idea out there, in front of your target audience.

Instagram is the best platform for you to build your personal brand or business: test out, scale up and then convert.

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Step 2. Stay on track

Together we’ll make your dreams take flight with proven roadmaps and valid tactics.

Check out the blog for awesome (if I saay so myself) mini-marketing trainings, resources, and inspiration for you. So grab a coffee… or margarita whatever and


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