Ready to market your business online? A Get-Ready-For-Digital-Marketing Checklist

You designed your product or service and put your website up. Now what?!

If you are ready to start promoting your products online to attract customers or more visitors to your site, then I have you covered.

There is a simple infrastructure that you need to put in place:

  • Integrate website traffic analytics tools
  • Sign up for paid advertising and set up your Facebook, Google and Linkedin advertising accounts
  • Sign up for an email marketing automation tool
  • Write code in your website to retarget your visitors with ads

I created a simple yet comprehensive checklist for you to use to make sure everything is set up:

Get your Digital Marketing Checklist. A simple action plan for Busy Entrepreneurs


Think of it as laying the foundation to build a house on. If you mark all the steps on this checklist as DONE, then you are equipped to market your business online.

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You are welcome!

If you would like hands-on guidance or to have this done for you, drop me a note and we can work on promoting your business online together.


Anything missing? Drop a comment below and let us know what other steps you recommend.


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