Coaching Mentoring

Recording 1. M explores scaling her business

Recording 2. Jewly wants to start a new career and faces the fear of being criticized

”I want to feel it” – go to somatic coaching. Where would you feel it? How would you describe the feeling once you get there.

Ground and anchor the ownership on the person – including YOU and YOUR.

If she tells the story of a fear that has not yet manigested: Where is the story coming from? When is the last time this happened to you?

”Would you be ok if we simulated and practiced this?” pause and get permission to proceed! Get commitment for whatever is going to happen next?

Get verbal consent to record and use this for assessment / ICF assessment.

Name a person and see the person.

What would a courageous YOU do in this situation?

Open-ended questions!

After having done that exercise, what are you noticing that you haven’t noticed before? What are you seeing now that you were not seeing before?

Recording 3. Jewly works on feeling good enough. Top possibly to submit

Opportunity: ethical sharing. I’m struggling with this all the time.

Confrunt the client: ”I don’t know. You tell me.” I tend to work too much for the client.

Ronda: ”May I provide a mentoring moment?” and clarify it is different than Coaching

”How about if we do some brainstorming on that?” and both provide ideas. Client goes fist.

Then, the client decides what they want to do and what to use.

Refphrase: ”Can you think of something else” with ”What else can you ask?”

Never interrupt!


Good contracting. Good enough for what? When will you know?

Great: ”let me challenge you a bit.”

Check in: ”How is this going for you?”

Great: congratulating the client ”WOW, did you just hear yourself? your voice just changed with that answer/ The lightbulb came on. I could hear it in your voice”

Be more energetic and be more energized!!!

Great: resist giving the answers and demonstrate what good looks like