Come in. We serve empowerment shots and do things our way over here.

This is your world. Shape it

As Business & Mindset Strategist, I guide you back to your power and teach the profitable steps to build a business using online marketing and to sell with ease.

I love being a guide and digital age alchemist mixing Marketing, HR, Sales, EQ, with a pinch of Magic.

I believe we all have unique gifts worth sharing with the world. But +12 years consulting Forbes 100 companies and start-ups, I became obsessed with a question. What makes some leaders launch projects and become successful?

I guided +1000 leaders and entrepreneurs through business consulting and courses, launched social media content to 22,000 people, gave keynote speeches and had media appearances. Each step gave me a clue, but the key was missing.

Only after circling the world, splitting time between Bucharest, Bali and US business trips (and mastering the art of sleeping on long haul flights) did I find out:

What makes top leaders successful are: confidence, grit, intuition, a support system.

My formal experience combined with born abilities to connect to people’s potential and support past internal roadblocks, all aligned to fulfill my mission on Earth:

I support visionaries around the world to tap into their inner strength and then turn their vision into profitable reality.

My dream is to channel power to 1 million people.


Seth Godin, marketer, teacher, author.

Alain Cardon, Master Certified Coach.

Amy Porterfield, online marketer, educator.



On a mission

Projector. Virgo sun, Capricorn moon, Scorpio rising. Come to Earth 2 weeks off schedule, an early sign I sometimes break the rules, sometimes follow them, but always on my terms.


The thrill of closing the sale

I lead my playmates to sell flowers and figure out the ideal customer avatar: couples on evening walks. We’re adorable, she smiles, he pays. They don’t stand a chance. Cha-Ching!


Words do come easy

I excel in literature and English, write prose, receive awards in the school Olympics. My gift then gets sedated on roofies math classes.


Want to make an impact? Ask what breaks your heart

I get bullied in high school. This sparks my long term desire to empower women to use their voices, trust themselves, and break from abuse.


Formal education, just the start

Finish a Bachelor and Masters in Business Administration and do research on Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and eCommerce.


Think BIG and manifest

Employed in corporate doing 3 people’s jobs, I go to bed every night imagining building my own business and making an impact.


Tech to work smarter and build an empire

Business trips to the Google & HP headquarters in California. Free donuts don’t impress me much but the way technology changes people’s lives and how starting something small can grow into an empire does.


No guts, no story: launch a business

What if I fail? But what if I fly? I believed I could, so I did: launch my startup NAIADA, a smart shopping eCommerce. We become profitable in 3 months and top daily order processing capacity in 9 months. 


Do more of what you do best love

Scale or Reinvent? I love marketing but hate stock management and warehousing so I close NAIADA. Start consulting other businesses on selling online with ease. Reinvest earnings in education from top global marketers like Seth Godin.


As seen in press & conferences

An introvert speaking onstage? If I wait for the fear to go away, the opportunity will go away too. Talk about scaling business online to 50 – 450 people audiences. Featured in live events and business magazines like Evensys, World of Instagram, Biz magazine, Biz creators conference.


Knowledge is power

My most persistent question: what am I doing for others? Launch 3 online courses: Marketing Plan, Personal Brand, Instagram Lab. I give the tools and guide +100 entrepreneurs through a 2-month experience to scale their brand and grow their sales.

Giving back & fundraising

Sometimes it’s not about what you know, but what you have to give. I donate a part of sales to cancer palliative care and become one of the top fundraisers in the Bucharest International Marathon.


Success mindset at scale

Recognize mindset is the single most important thing leaders have, and see a gap in the market. I integrate intuitive coaching and launch an online course on self-trust in the midst of a pandemic. 140 people join the experience.

Here’s the secret: you CAN have it all! Profitability, meaning and a positive impact in the world are all at your fingertips. And nobody will ever knock you off a pedestal you build yourself.